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Buffalo Nickel - HS&C Collectible

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A perfect gift for the special person in your life or the collector. A great piece of history and of collector value. Minted over 80 years ago, each Buffalo Nickel has been on a journey that leads to that special someone close to you.

What’s Included:

Each Buffalo Nickel - HS&C Collectible includes one genuine circulated Buffalo Nickel, in which, the Mint and Year will vary. Each Buffalo Nickel will be enclosed within a protective coin capsule velvet holder and an elegant HS&C Collectible black card stock insert; all nestled in a protective foldable plastic pouch.

Insert Passage: 

The Buffalo nickel or Indian Head nickel is a copper-nickel five-cent piece that was struck by the United States Mint from 1913 to 1938. It was designed by James E. Fraser.

Fraser stated, "I felt I wanted to do something totally American. A coin that could not be mistaken for any other country's coin. It occurred to me that the buffalo, as part of our western background, was 100% American, and that our North American Indian fitted into the picture perfectly."