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Sell to Us

The chances are, you are either an active collector who is in touch with the current market, a past collector with knowledge of stamps or coins, but who really  hasn’t bothered with them for some years, or a non-collector who has come into possession of a collection or accumulation of which little is known regarding its value or a saleability.

Furthermore, you have decided that now is the time to sell your stamps or coins, and quite naturally would like to get the most money for them.

We at Huntington Stamp and Coin Shop Inc. are in an excellent position to help you dispose of your stamps or coins by the method that will assure you of receiving the top market price.  We also are one of few companies in the country with expertise in both stamps and coins.



Some important factors worth your careful consideration are:

  1. We are retailers and not wholesalers, by selling through us, you eliminate the middleman and, therefore, get a higher price for your stamps and coins.
  2. We will buy just about anything, as Long Islands largest stamp and coin dealer, our customer needs are vast and varied.
  3. After evaluating your stamps or coins, we can tell you categorically the best method of selling them --- whether it be direct sales, private treaty, Internet or store sales --- and since we do them all, you can be assured that our advice is the best to be had anywhere.
  4. We have expertise in most fields of Philately or Numismatics. If your collection is of a very specialized nature where we don’t feel completely competent, we will bring in outside consultants, or recommend someone to insure you an accurate evaluation.
  5. Using our Internet sales we do our very best to reach every possible buyer.



You will profit by seeing us before selling your holdings.  Write, Text or call us for an in-depth, confidential discussion at no obligation to you whatsoever.  We have been servicing the collecting community for over 60 years.  Our reputation is your guarantee of prompt, courteous and expert service.

The HS&C Process:

What we do, we buy and sell, we do our best to offer a fair price,

  • We will make an offer, and if you accept the offer, we have a deal.
  • Sometimes, our offer does not meet expectations of the seller, we understand that, its not to offend, We both shake hands (Virtually) and we will thank you for letting us look at your collection!
  • We buy to sell, therefore we cannot purchase near catalog value. 
  • When the offer is accepted, We instruct the seller to ship the items with insurance to our store in NY.
  • We will examine the items, if everything checks out, we will issue a check for the agreed amount.